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2008年11月 3日 (月)

SA-043 XR7A & SA-053 XR7W QSLs 回収支援


[2008/10/10 6:31:55] Zoli Pitman HA1AGの発言: 73 73
[2008/10/25 7:32:28] Shuの発言: Hello Zoli, How are you?
[2008/10/25 7:33:45] Shuの発言: I have few supporting for CE 2008 trip's QSL card.
[2008/10/25 7:35:35] Shuの発言: Few of my donators don't receive their XR7A and XR7W QSL card just now. Please support them.
[2008/10/25 7:37:45] Shuの発言: They are JA3UCO and JE7JIS. They sent you their SASE and QSLs. Not via JN6RZM. They are truely donators.
[2008/10/25 7:41:48] Shuの発言: And I missed to send you JA7BZU and JA8MS for attachment. If you support them, Please check for new attachment and send with JE7JIS's envelope.
[2008/10/25 7:43:00] Shuの発言: JA3UCO JE7JIS JA7BZU and JA8MS are gentlemenly donators. Please support them.
[2008/10/25 7:44:11] Shu このチャットの参加者にファイル"JA7BZU & JA8MS.xls"を送信しました

[2008/10/25 7:45:12] Shuの発言: I sent you new attachment when you are OK. Zoli-san.






まあ、こんなところでしょう。私は可能な限り相手の立場に立って文章作成や発言をしております。ところで、OC-070 YB8XMのメールの反応がなくなりました。これも交信なさりたい多くの方が直接メールを入れられ始めたのではないかと心配しています。JAはADSLや光で、相手はダイヤルアップと感じず、メールの大パイルを起こしているのではないかと思います。

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Hello JA IOTA fans...

I just read your conversation via Google translate programma.

First of all, thanks for the support to everybody.

Second I want to apologize for the delays.

FYI, by now ALL directs AND bureau requests have been answered.

I made a BIG shipment of QSLs in July/August, a second in September. Last week all remaining QSLs went out. In total 1500 letters for XR1H, XR7A, XR7W, CE1W etc.

I know that some cards I sent in July to UR, OK and USA got lost. I do not know the reason. But in case of report I will send second direct without asking any new requests.

Since July I keep receiving email requests about QSL status. The first ones I responded. Later there were many, like in September 2-3 / day. Some of them were agressive and insulting (not any from JA) and it disappointed me. So I ignored almost all emails on the topic. I am sorry but I think you understand,

You can also see, that some letters were sent from HA, some from DL, some from PA. It is due to the fact that my station and my permanent address is in HA, I work and live with my family in PA, and I travel very much for work.. So normally I collect my mail once per month in HA, and answer them when I have time from my family. It can be very complicated and sometimes ham radio gets low priority.

In addition I had quite some issues/actions in my private life since June and it also made me not to think about QSLing so much.

Anyway, I hope you will all like your QSL cards, 73!

zoli ha1ag

Ps: JO3AXC - I don't know the reason of this difference. I will check and correct if necessary.

Hello Zoli-san,
Thank you very much for your note. Very pleased to see you on my Blog. Ahaha
I think your CE 2008 IOTA pedition is very great job. I also had my great job for Japanese IOTA chasers. Arigato-gozaimashita.

Dear Zoli

XR7W QSLcard was received.
Thank you very much good QSL and Pedition.

However, QSO is my log Feb 10 2008.
(card pirnt Feb 09)
Please confirm your log.





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