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2009年9月23日 (水)

AF-078 6W/HA0NAR es AF-093 J5NAR


しかしながら、JAからのドネーションを送り、QRZ JAタイムを設けてもらうのも一手ですね。その場合はほぼJAのビーム局に限定されると思います。なかなか難しいところですが、ご希望の方は希望の矢を射るとして、是非個人的に支援をお願いしたいと思います。90万円の予算しかなく、60万円不足というところですね。

Dear Shuji San,

Maybe You have heard that I am (leading a little gruop op operators) going to Senegal and Bissau-Guinea next January-February. I was also a member of the FW5RE team, responsible for low band CW operations. We are going to activate two rare African IOTA islands (Carabane AF078 in 6W) and (Jeta AF093 in J5) from there. Both island are very rare especially among JA stations that is why we are going to run two stations simoultaneusly with special attention towards  Far-East Asia from there. The cost of the expedition is very high we have to bring many extra baggage and to hire generators and buy fuel as there is no electricity available there. We will be very grateful if you could help us to get financial assistance for this Dxpedition.

The total cost are 15.000 USD and the own contrubution of the ops are above 9000 USD.
Best wishes and 73s

Laci HA0NAR , SX8R

Member of ZA1QA, ZA0RS, TA5KA, FW5RE, HG0HQ, HG73DX, W1AW team

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