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2010年1月 4日 (月)

NA-231 VY0V

年末にCezar/VE3LYCとひょんなことで繋がってしまい、メールのやり取りをしています。Cezar曰く、「一昨年よりCanadian IOTAを一生懸命やっているのにShuのコールサインは一度もオンザログできていない。大変な気候の中で大変なコストをかけてやっている、云々」ということであります。私はこのコンディションと私のアンテナでは無理と申し上げ続けているのですが。是非ブログに掲載して欲しいとのことで、長文をいただきました。

Dear Shu,

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I know very well that you are not using a beam, which does restrict the opportunity to make more contacts with very difficult paths. I have dedicated a lot of time to JA stations during each and every single of my DXpeditions. I have ALWAYS looked for you, but unsuccessfully. Maybe next time. Please let some of the others IOTA friends let me know when you copy me better.

Please find below the information related to my planned trip to East Pen Is., NA-231 New.
It will be a very, very difficult trip and, needless to say, very costly too.

(1) DXpedition Callsign: VY0V

(2) Location: East Pen Is., NA-231 New (Nunavut Ontario Coast Group) - this is the only island approved by the IOTA Programme Manager for this group. This island is uninhabited,in a very remote location. An earlier unsuccessful attempt to put the island on the air was made in July 2007 with Ken (G3OCA). The lesson learned from that trip was that the only period of time when such a project might be successful is at the end of winter, when the polar bear population is not expected to be on the island, but far north in search for food.

(3) Date: 3 days during March 26 and 31, 2010

(4) Operator: Cezar, VE3LYC

(5) Bands and modes: 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m - CW and SSB

(6) Operator's experience:
Cezar is a long time DXer (VE3LYC, YO3YC). In 14 years as VE3LYC he has confirmed 336 DXCC MIXT, 335 PHONE, 333 CW and worked 255 RTTY (5 yrs), and has also confirmed 2300 DXCC Challenge points, including 174 DXCC on 160. He has also been able to QSO/QSL 972/965 IOTA of the 1040 active during the above period of time.

In August 2009, Cezar operated as VO2A (together with Ken, G3OCA) from Finger Hill
Is./NA-194 and Paul Is./NA-205. They made over 3,400 QSOs with more than 2,200 stations in 6 continents. During that trip, Cezar was the only CW operator (due to the difficult working conditions and Ken's severe back pain). In early April 2009, he operated as VY0A from Fox Is./NA-186, making 3600 QSOs with 2800 stations in 6 continents. At the time, NA-186 was the #1 on the Most Wanted NA-IOTA List. In September 2009, Cezar operated as VY0O from Gilmour Is./NA-230New. This was a memorable trip, in which together with his crew, he had to overcome engine failure, boat sinking, bad weather and a destroyed gear box.

(7) Equipment:
- ICOM IC-7000 (100 W)
- Multiband vertical wire antenna with 10 m fiberglass mast
- Car batteries
- Generator with gas

(8) Operation plan:
Travel up north includes several flights with four airlines over two days: Kingston -
Toronto - Thunder Bay - Sioux Lookout - Ft. Severn, with overnight in Sioux Lookout. Once in Ft. Severn, I will spend there a couple of days before heading out to the island. I have retained the services of a professional guide, who – together with a helper – will
be with me during the entire trip. We will travel by snowmobiles, while all the camp gear
will be packed onto sleds, pulled by our snowmobiles. It can take 10 or more hours to
cover the distance between Ft. Severn and East Pen Is.! This is not a leisure trip.
Traditionally unstable weather pattern, remoteness of the island, potential presence of
polar bears (although I hope that all of them will be far north at that time of the year),
uneven ice in the Hudson Bay – due to the tidal effects on the frozen waters, all these
and other logistical aspects make this trip extremely challenging. I will work towards a
successful attempt, but this operation may be aborted if safety cannot be ensured. Outside temperature at the end of March is expected down to -20 or even -25C.

(9) QSL manager:
I will manage all direct and bureau QSL requests. Direct requests will have to be sent to my address: Cezar Trifu/VE3LYC, 410 College St., Kingston, Ontario K7L 4M7, Canada.
However, I will also organize an email / PayPal direct request, without the DX stations
having to submit any QSL cards to me. Bureau requests will go to VE3LYC.

(10) Estimated expenses:
- Return flights: $2,600 (at least);
- Accommodation and meals in Sioux Lookout (2 days) and in Fort Severn (3 days, of which 2 days before departing for the island and 1 day after the return from the island): $1,500 (more days may be required if weather conditions are not favorable);
- Contract with the guides: $3,800 to provide all the necessary logistics and safety for
the entire trip and stay on the island, including tent, mat, batteries, generator, gas,
folding chair, folding table, night lamp, etc);
- Food and water for the operation: >$300;
- Miscellaneous: $60 for special callsign fee;
- QSL cards: $340 (3000 folded cards including shipping, printed by Alfio/IT9EJW);

Total estimated cost: CND 8,300 or USD 8,200.

NOTE: The above cost does not include adequate clothing that I will have to purchase and wear beyond the winter gear I will be provided with by my guides during the trip to and back from the island. Also, if weather conditions are poor, a longer stay in Ft. Severn
will be required, which will require additional expenses for accommodation and meals, plus change of plane tickets.

I would like to re-iterate, one more time, that this is the second trip to Ft. Severn for
the purpose of activating this island. My share for the previous trip was $3,000.

Cezar, VE3LYC


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