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2010年2月26日 (金)

NA-235 KL7RRC & NA-239 N6PYN/KL info


素敵なメッセージが戻りました。和訳しようと思いましたが、2年続けてNA-234 KL7DX Chuginadak IslandNA-233 KL7RRC/P Ogliuga Islandへドネーションの協力をいただいたお陰と深く感謝してそのまま掲載することにしました。

You TubeのVideoは少しふざけた感じで面白く作ってあります。途中でJN6RZMのコールも出てきました。御礼も含め掲載します。


Dear Shu-san,

Thank you for your email!
Me, Merle N6PYN and Yuri UA9OBA working  on our next KL7 adventure. All potential
transportation/logistical parts seems like worked out. Preparing equipment now. Not just
radios/antennas. I received portable electric bear fence yesterday, was reading manual, kind of hard to test it at home. Hi Hi. Will hope it works.

Thank you very much for support from you and your friends in the past and now!

Real complications for this trip are bears on Seal Island and wild cows on Chirikof
Population of bears there is 17/acre, highest in Alaska. Besides electric fence we will
have high power firearm with us also. Possibly a dog too to alert us if any problems.

So we do not have too much margin for error, have to prepare very well and be alert.

I will keep you informed when we will have firm dates.
Hope T32 expedition will be very successful.
Here is a fun part, little video I put together (titles) to keep our spirits up.
I love this song. I hope you like it too.
Vy 73,


PS: Please keep attached picture private (it is tool we will have during trip, hopefully
no use). Thank you YuriSaiga

« AS-069 IONY Islandの新情報 | トップページ | OC-227 VK4SWE 1st Sked »






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