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2010年4月25日 (日)

Thanks message from Derek for T32 IOTA pedition


Hello dear Shu,

I arrived home yesterday afternoon from the dxpedition. 

Thank you for all the hard work collecting such a welcome sponsorship
amount from your friends.  We are most grateful.  This dxpedition was
mostly paid for by SM6CAS and all the donations will go to him.  It was
very sad that he could not come himself.

I see that you are in all our logs.  We had a great time working all the
Japanese stations because you are all so well disciplined.  Everyone
keeps quiet during each QSO.  It is very nice to be able to make QSO so

73 my friend,




Hello again dear Shu,

I am gradually going through the backlog of my emails.  I think now I
have thanked everyone for their donations.  People have been very kind
and generous this time.  All the donations will go to Nils, SM6CAS who
has paid a huge amount for this dxpedition.  I have just been speaking
to him on the telephone.

I am fine thank you.  I still have some jetlag - we are 11 hours in
advance of T32.  I now have to catch up with my garden it is well into
springtime here.  I grow vegetables and my potatoes and other things
should already be planted!  After this dxpedition it will be easier for
me because Nils will be answering all the QSL cards!

73 Derek


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