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2010年6月27日 (日)

AS-067 JA1YUC/6 Uji Island info

Yesterday, I sent my e-mail to JE1SCF,JF1QQR and JG4IQC.
And I just recived returning e-mail from JE1SCF/Mr. Nakagawa.
He said to me for his plan;

"Thank you very much for your IOTA informations. We are preparing for
going to AS-067. The member will consist 8 operators who has licence
of first class to third class, but 5 persons will be fishing.
Gou/JA1QXY and others will be supporting for overseas.But we do not
participate in a IOTA contest positively.I mistook to send my infos to
American contest website.Our operating time is at 2200UTC 24th to
0900UTC 26th about working 30 hours
. We are using Rotary Dipole for
, Spider beam for 20/17/15m and 2 elements delta beam for 6m.
Almost we will be running 2 stations.I'd like to operate JA1YUC/6
but sometimes use self-callsign.we will always send 6m beecon and
be watching 6m.

We will send our details to you next chance.Please support for us.
When we had operated from AS-041 Oki Island 20 years over,we had big
pile-up from EUs and NAs.We were very pleased with Island operations.
Our club station consists many outdoor stylers and Island expeditioners.


If you have not AS-067 credited, Please look forward seeing them.And if you have a chance, please send me your e-mail. I will be supporting for you surely. 

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