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2010年6月25日 (金)

NA-004/NA-050 KL7HBK


Hello Shu,
  Very nice to hear from you!! Yes, I looked at your blog, very fb!!
Interesting info on the KL7RRC operation, and I could be of logistical
support if they need it (and, incidentally, I was on Kodiak Island for 10
years, from 1977 to 1987, with many trips to Ahkiok, etc.).
  Also interesting was the info on Attu Island, I made many trips to Attu
around 1978-1982, flying from Kodiak. It is a long trip in military C-130
aircraft.. from Kodiak to Attu is half the distance to JA!!  When I was
there, a Drake radio was available but not working, and no parts, so no
operating for me. Attu Island is covered with old military equipment, very
bad battle between JA and W/VE in WWII.
  I am retired now, and very active 160-6 meters. Shu, thank you for
remembering me.
  John KL7HBK

Barter_island_2730_aug__2007_004 すでにリタイアしたようです。Johnは仕事でNA-004とNA-050へ訪問し、積極的にメールをくれて、たくさんのJAへNew IOTAをプレゼントしてくれました。他の北極圏のIOTAも回りたいと言っていましたが、とうとう仕事から離れたようです。たいへん残念ですが、いつの機会にか回ってくれると嬉しいですね。NA-235 KL7RRCの記事にたいへん興味を持ってくれたようです。Yuriとつなげてみたいと思います。写真はこの車とこのアンテナにて2つのIOTAをプレゼントしてくれました。

上記のデータでNA-019 Kodiak IslandとNA-064 Attu Islandと交信している方がおられるかもしれませんね。JohnもIOTAチェイシングに目覚めると良いのですが。JAのドネーターなども伝えてみたいと思います。

John/KL7HBK is my dearly friend for me. He had traveled for his job. And He QRVed in NA-004 and NA-050 in his spare time.

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