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2010年8月 4日 (水)

NA-235 MSG from Yuri/N3QQ


Hi Su-san,

I'm back home last night from Kodiak.
Yuri UA9OBA and Alex RW3RN will spend few more days in Alaska visiting Kodiak
and Anchorage.
It was no propagation at all during our stay at NA-019 on our way back, very
few contacts. We met with local hams of Kodiak city.
I will write more detailed letter in few days, need to catch up with work now.
Yes, Merle is fine and emergency plane arrived very fast considering where we
are at and weather.
Overall propagation from Chirikof was not great, no chance for meaningful SSB
operation. EU was at or below noise level.
Two amplifiers (Ameritron ALS-600S) died during this trip, last few days only
100W. Wet, cold and windy.

Last night Aurora lights has been seen in Seattle, it explains why propagation
is missing. Hi Hi.
Thanks to everyone for their support and help!

Vy 73,

Yuri Sushkin

« EU-008 MM0LUP Sked | トップページ | OC-209 YC8TZR received »




« EU-008 MM0LUP Sked | トップページ | OC-209 YC8TZR received »