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2010年9月14日 (火)

OC-278p V73RRC plan


8月初めにNA-233 KL7RRC/Pが終わってSeatleに戻ったYuri/N3QQからNew IOTAであるOC-278pへ行くプランを持っている、ただし極秘でお願いしますとの情報をいただいておりました。来年とばかり思っていましたが、10月第1週に一人で行くようです。



Dear Shu-san,

Yes, it is very short notice, I learned about this boat going to Ujelang 

I kind of worked on slow January-March time frame, but looks like they going to 
Ujelang 1st week of October.

Very tempting to go! I think "one person" expedition is not very effective. On 
another hand it is a good opportunity, say 50/50 chance to make it happen. 

Major problem I'm worried about is no real transportation back to Majuro, Air 
Marshal Islands is only airline in RMI (1 airplane), nick name "Air May-be". 
Most of flights to Enewetak from Majuro canceled because of not enough people 
(need 15 to fly to make it profitable). 

I guess this is why it is still a new-one. Hi Hi. Too many variables!

Well, regarding public iinformation, may be something like this:
Hello friends! 
Potential expedition to activate Ujelang Atoll in Republic of Marshall Islands, 
IOTA new-one, OC-278, Timeframe: You need to be in Majuro September 29th, 
2010. Expect just over 2 weeks total for travel to Enewetak Atoll (OC-087), then 
Ujelang Atoll and back. Plan return tickets for October 15th from Majuro (open 
date is best for return ticket). 

Equipment needed: laptop with your favorite logging program (110V). All 
antennas/radios/PA's will be shipped in advance. Make sure you have all current 
vaccinations for travel in the Pacific.
 No guarantees that we will reach Ujelang Atoll. Travel in RMI is very 
unreliable and long delays possible. 
If you interested to participate and have questions, please contact Yuri Sushkin or call +1(206)529-5168

Thank you very much for your help, Shu!

Chances are very slim, but we better try!

Yuri Sushkin

From: "" <>
To: Yuri Sushkin <>
Sent: Mon, September 13, 2010 7:24:48 PM
Subject: Re: V73RRC

Hello Yuri-san,

I am very surprised to hear your news for V73RRC.
I thought you have this plan next year.

In Japan, it's popular to work everyday.
We can't get holiday for expedition after 3 weeks in JA. Ahaha

May I help you. Is this information OK for publishments?
I anounce to all my friends when you are OK for this info.
Please tell me. Yuri-san


----- Original Message -----
>Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 08:21:51 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Yuri Sushkin <>
>Subject: V73RRC
>Hello Shu-san,
>Hope all is well. I worked for awhile on activation of OC-278, new-one?(Ujel
>Atoll). Yesterday got a reply from City Manager of Enewetak, they plan trip t
>Ujelang Atoll?as early as first week of October. Plus is practically no cost

>boat ride (145 miles one way), minus is very tight timeframe.
>Not sure any guys from RU can come on such a short notice.
>This is my plan: arrival in Majuro September 29th, then flight Majuro to 
>Enewetak ($400 one way) or boat ride, cost unknown, abt 350 miles.
>Then about 1 week on Ujelang and 2-3 days on Enewetak (OC-087). Flight back t
>Seattle October 15th or earlier.
>Tickets cost from Seattle abt $2000 r/trip to Majuro via Hawaii and about $17
>r/trip?from Tokyo.
>?Since RMI is territory of US, regular US mail can be used to send most of 
>equipment/antennas to avoid extra charges from airlines.
>I do not know how effective will be expedition with just one person, much bet
>is to have a company. Anyone from JA would like to paricipate?
>Only unknown for now is generator availability, I do not think used generator

>can be shipped by mail.
>Let me know what you think. Application for V73RRC and V73QQ callsigns?sent 
>about 1 week ago.
>Yuri N3QQ
追加 JA9IFF中嶋さんのブログに見事に翻訳されていますので、是非ご確認ください。

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N3QQ/Yuri OC-178p V73RRCの移動運用に対して協力させて戴きます。詳細がわかり次第ご連絡をお願い致します。



Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article




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