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2011年7月 2日 (土)

NA-242 K6VVA/KL7 Ferdへのご返事


Hello Fred,

How have you been?
Thank you very much for your First-Time Activation Advisory IOTA NA-242 letter.
I read it. At onece, I QSPed to my IOTA friends.

Anyway, I have 30 or more members for IOTA supporting in Japan.
We have 3 to 5 supported for IOTA peditioner in a year.
Now it's mainly, Yuri/N3QQ,Derek/G3KHZ,Hans/SM6CVX,Marco/CE1TBN,Zoli/HA1AG  and YB/DU IOTA team. We had Ray/N6VR and Mexican team before.
I am given by them many informations fastly.And I pick up my Blog to my friends.

I am using only fishing rod antenna. Almost my Japanese supporting team are used
poor antenna. My supporting policy is for local area.

I started to gather our donations for 2-3 month to my Japanese IOTA friends.
Just now, I have 2 group for IOTA supportings.
The first, I started for AS-069 Iony Island R0/US0IW on last Feb. The second
for  NA-232 St.Matthew Island KL7RRC.
But both are postponed to 2012. And NA-232 is exchanged to NA-039 and NA-070.
I am now exchanging the donators from NA-232 to NA-039/NA-070 or to NA-232 20
Very busy now and I have not period to gather our donations.
I am very sorry.
But I am announcing to JA friends with SASE+donations.


Pse check my IOTA website


« Marco's website CE1TBN | トップページ | NA-070 K6UMO/KL7 recorded »





« Marco's website CE1TBN | トップページ | NA-070 K6UMO/KL7 recorded »