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2012年9月17日 (月)

YB8XM Joppyへのアンテナ寄贈に関するお知らせとお願い



 本年4月にYB8XM Joppyさんへ中古のFT-847を寄贈させていただきました。
 すぐに彼はOC-249 Wamar Islandを実行してくれました。
 末にはJoppyさんよりOC-271P Babar Islandへ行くプランをいただきました。

 してもらうつもりであります。すでにIOTA-Chaser Forumにも下記文書を掲載し、
 また、2013年のOC-157 Banda Island、OC-272P、OC-273Pへの弾みをつけたいと

なお、下記文章は、IOTA-Chasers Forumへ掲載しましたものです。


Hi all,
My friend Joppy YB8XM has plan for OC-271 Babar Island.
I am always supporting for Indonesian IOTA pedition.
And I always proposed he try to operate for OC-157 Banda and OC-271P to
But his rig is not so good, it's old TS-440V made in 25 years ago.
I and Japanese friends contributed Used FT-847 100watts rig to Joppy last Apr
il. The first his trying is OC-249 YB8XM/P Wamar Island last May.
The second operation is OC-271P Babar Island.But his operation has problem. H
e is only SSB operation and using Dipole.

OC-249 operation in last May is not so good conditions for EU and NAs. Especi
ally,He hasn't operated for NA.
I try again to gather donations from Japanese IOTA friends from 1st Sep to 30
Sep. I will contribute the spiderbeam antenna to Joppy.
If you want, please join us for Joppy's support project. Hi

I will held IOTA Meeting in Fukuoka on 29th Sept.
This is Joppy's e-mail for Meeting and OC-271P plan.

> Hello Shu,
> Glad to hear you and your friends have a meeting IOTA.
> Congratulations to IOTA meeting in Fukuoka on 29 September 2012.
> May all IOTA hunters and volunteers will come together and enjoy it even mo
re members.
> And all of this will happen if we respect each other and help their fellow
> I will try to give babar islands at the end of this year for fellow IOTA.
> Plan my trip from Ambon on October 30, 2012 on the ship.
> I will arrive in babar November 1, 2012, and will air on November 2, 2012.
> I will be on air for 6 days on the island.
> I will return to Ambon to wait Ships the next 2 weeks, or if there are boat
s to the Island I soumlaki Yamdena, then use small aircraft to Ambon, this is
the last option.
> Hopefully my activities as a complement to 6 numbers I have given the islan
d this year.
> hopefully not happen very important issue that can inhibit this trip.
> I have not got the possibility to move to the island with a lot of operator
s, because it requires huge funds and transport is erratic and very difficult
to island
> safely enjoy, and sorry if a lot of friends who have not been in contact wi
th me on the other islands.
> Yours faithfully and successfully for IOTA meeting 2012 in Fukuoka.
> bye.
> de YB8XM

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« OC-142 NA8O/VK4 Lady Elliot Island(17th Sep 2012) | トップページ | IOTA Oceania QSL collection OC-024 Christmas Island »