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2013年1月14日 (月)

VE6VK Russさんからのサポートの紹介

昨年2012年11月に実施されましたOC-271 Babar Island YB8XM/Pの支援をしていますときにVE6VK Russさんと知り合いました。ご存じの方も多いと思いますが、IOTAスコア1089の世界第4位のOMです。カナダのカルガリーに住んでおられます。

OC-271 Joppyをコールしているときにコールバックがうまく拾えないとサポートを求めてきましたことが最初のきっかけです。さらにQSLマネジャーのYB9BU Kadekとも親しいそうでDaddy Russと呼んでくれると言っていました。
1月12日にOC-271 QSLカードの件でメールやり取りをしていますときにNA-048 C6AVA RickとのSkedのサポートを依頼しました。すぐに引き受けてくれました。その引き受け方はさすが1089をなさるほどのきめ細かく、激しいフォローでした。感激です。(時間はJST)
2013/01/12 11:23
Hi Shu San,
I will see if I can contact Rick and ask him to look for you. Do you have a particular time and frequency you would like Rick to try?
I have been very lucky at my age, I have no real problem except getting old
I put an alert on my computer so I will keep a sharp look out for Rick.
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/13 03:03
Hi Su san,
I see he is qrv 2200 to 0030 most likely on 20m I will look for him today and tomorrow and qsp if I can.
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/13 08:01
He is on 21051 Shu san.
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/13 08:05
A spot shows him on 21051.2 but I hear nothing with a 5 element beam. I will
keep looking. There is a contest on and 20M is all contest  stns and lots of
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/13 08:13
Hi Shu san,
He is not on the air as there are no further spots.I will give you a call on 14040 see if you hear me you can answer me on 14040.
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/13 08:18
I have called you a few times on 14040 Shu san if you hear me please answer on 14040.
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/13 08:19
With the contest there is too much qrm Shu san. We will try again tomorrow.
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/13 09:04
Hi Shu san,
I called you on 14041 for a couple of minutes then I changed over to 14040.
Too much qrm from the contest.
Rick did not operate as far as I know. There was one spot earlier but
nothing after that.
Will give it a try tomorrow Shu san. Hope you can make it.
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/13 09:07
Yes,Franc is also friend of mine. VE7DP.  OK on Cezar. He sent me an email.
He will be working on the log on line soon. He just arrived back home
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/13 09:47
Hi Fred,
A friend of Rick’s JN6RZM Shu is trying desperately to work Rick from Bimini. He is transmitting on 14041 listening on 14040
If you have contact with Rick would you please ask him to listen for Shu . He has a very poor antenna system but is definitely a keen IOTA guy.  I will also be around from 2000-2330z  13th. The contest is making things tough with the qrm.  Thanks 73
Best wishes..Russ.
2013/01/13 09:54
Hi Fred,
I know you are the qsl manager for Rick C6AVA. His friend JN6RZM Shu, is
trying desperately to work Rick from Bimini.
If you have contact with Rick at all please ask him to listen from Shu on
14041. Shu will be listening on 14040. Shu says he has a poor antenna system
but will certainly try. I will be on tomorrow 13th from 2000-2330 14040
transmitting 14041. If you can help at all it would be very much
appreciated. Thanks. 73.
Best wishes-Russ.
2013/01/14 05:14
Hi Shu san,
I am listening on 14040. Rick has not shown yet. I did not get a reply from N6AWD Fred but I am sure he will help if possible.
If I hear Rick I will tell him to listen for your transmission on 14041. 73
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/14 07:09
Hi Shu
I contacted Rick he will be transmitting on 14040 and will look for you 5 up 14045 at 0000z
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/14 07:18
Hi Shu san,
I contacted Rick. he will look for you at 0000z . Rick will transmit on 14040 and you call him on 14045
Please. Good luck.
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/14 07:28
Hi Shu san,
Rick is working a few JA stations transmitting  1.10 up 14.041.1 He has called for JA once in a while
Rick is on 14040
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/14 07:30
Rick just called you hoping you might be on 14041. If you hear Rick transmit to him on 14041
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/14 07:55
Gave Rick that message Shu san,. he said JA signal peak at 0000z I will try
and be here if I can.
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/14 08:06
Hi Shu San,
Rick has gone qrt for dinner. He will be b ack at 2330z. He is very loud here even off the back of my beam.
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/14 08:31
Rick is back on 14040 calling cq
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/14 08:42
OK Shu san I hope it gets better at 0000z gl
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/14 09:06
Hi Shu san,
Rick called you several times at 0000z  and listened on 14045 but no copy. I did not hear you either and I have good prop into JA now, Sri it did not work out
Best Wishes---Russ.
2013/01/14 09:18
Dear Shu san,
I am sorry too. Rick called you again but no luck. I told him you had no
copy and he said thanks for the help.
I am very sorry you could not make it. I must leave now for my dinner. 73
Best Wishes---Russ.

ところがNA-048 C6AVAはSkedが決まった本日が最も弱く、予定の00:00UTCには全く聞こえなくなってしまいました。
しかしながら、New one IOTAのQSLカードを得られませんでしたが、VE6VK Russとのfriendshipはますます強くなったと思います。若い者を育てると言う感覚をお持ちの素晴らしい支援をいただきましたので報告いたします。

« VE3LYC Cesarからのメッセージ for SA-096 LU6W | トップページ | 5H Tanzanian IOTA QRVing »





« VE3LYC Cesarからのメッセージ for SA-096 LU6W | トップページ | 5H Tanzanian IOTA QRVing »