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2013年11月12日 (火)

OC-186 Menjangan Besar Island YB3MM/2の終了報告

IOTA-Chaser ForumにさきほどYB3MM Adhiさんからの今回のOC-186終了報告が書き込まれましたので転載します。

Dear All,Thanks for QSO when I was in Menjangan Besar Island OC-186.And very sorry since I could not make a bigger service to you.Beside 15m and 20m yagi, this time I did bring also long fishing rod for 40m.
But the propagation is the most problem.
On the first night I could only contact with very few NA stations during a short-time window on 20m band.JA and EU was still very strong coming up.
The second bad luck was on electric generator which was suddenly stopped during a short window to NA on 15m on the next morning. I don't know the real problem on this generator. Without any "touch" generator started to run again 4 hours later.Generator resumed on 03Z, but the window for NA on 15m was over :(The second night is the most of bad luck.Very bad propagation gave me only strong noise, could not hear clearly all EU, JA and NA on any bands.On second morning, the propagation improved a lot.
I could contact many NA in 15m CW. Thanks for JA stations who patiently waited when I called NA and SA stations only.The 15m band was still open, but I must stop and close the station since pick-up boat was coming and also no more gasoline for electric generator.QSO number was only 888 on 15, 20 and 40m bands, SSB and CW modes.
I know this is not a good results, but thats all what I could do from OC-186.Thanks to IREF, MDXC, Toba DX Group and also member of this mailing list for all your support.
Best 73.
思うような交信がNA方面とできなかったようですね。やはり電源の問題があったようです。次から次とYB-IOTAペディションが実施されるためAdhiさんとのQSOを忘れそうです。YB8XM Joppyさんもそうですが、最大の努力をしていることが文面からとれます。YBはJAから近いですから、NA/EUオープン時は可能な限りJAからのコールを控えるなど協力してあげたいものですね。

« 最近のYB9BU QSL発行状況について | トップページ | OC-160 VK4EI/P Hamilton Island activation »




« 最近のYB9BU QSL発行状況について | トップページ | OC-160 VK4EI/P Hamilton Island activation »