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2015年10月 2日 (金)

NA-120 N5M Marsh Island Plan (on 16-18 October)

表題のNA-120 N5MペディションがK0AP Draganさんのチームにより2週間後に実施されます。この朝にOM3JW SteveがK0APへ質問した回答の詳細情報がIOTA-chasers Forumに投稿されましたので転載します。

Re: [IOTA-chasers] N5M NA-120
Hi Steve et all,
two weeks from our planned NA-120 operation and all is going well, so far. We should be QRV starting on 16 October approximately around 12:00pm with two stations (possibly 3). We will have a triband Yagi antenna for 20/15/10m and verticals. Unlike the previous NA-089 and NA-119 operations, this time we will be operating daytime only since we are not going to be allowed to stay overnight. This could be a challenge for some areas such is JA/OC/AS to work us. Depending on the band conditions we will try to utilize the openings to these difficult areas as much as we can, especially in the early hours on 30/20/17m (possibly 40m) and late afternoon hours on 10/15/17m. From NA-089 and NA-119 the band conditions were FB and we managed to log many JA's/VK's/UA9 but we were QRV non stop and the night/early morning hours provided good openings on the low bands.
Taking into consideration the limitations we will be facing this time around on NA-120, we would like to ask the IOTA community to refrain from making multiple band/mode Qso's. The primary goal will be to increase the number of unique call signs in the log and give an opportunity to those who never worked NA-120 before. An online log on Club Log should be available so, check if you are in the log before attempting to work us again.
As far as I know, the last operation from NA-120 was back in 1999 (16 years ago) so, we should attract some attention.
N5M NA-120 team members:
AB5EB Mike (team leader)
AD6D Hector (also XE2K)AD5A Mike
K0AP Dragan (also Z32XX)
73 Dragan KØAP
ここ2~3年で実施したNA-089とNA-119と同じ要領で実施するそうです。彼らは毎年強い信号を送り込んで多くのIOTA-chaserへnew IOTAをプレゼントしてくれます。
今後とも彼らのペディションを支援したいです。参考に425DX news を貼付します。
425 DX News #1267
W      - Mike AB5EB, Mike AD5A, Hector AD6D and Dragan K0AP will  be  active
         as N5M from Marsh Island (NA-120) on 16-18 October. The  team  will
         be limited to daytime operations only. QSL  via  AB5EB,  direct  or
         bureau. [TNX DX World]

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« RI0KVを追いかける(2015-10-02) | トップページ | RI0KVを追いかける(2015-10-03) »