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2015年11月 8日 (日)

IOTA DXpedition to "Atol das Rocas" - SA-038

この朝に表題のペディションプランがPY7RP Rennerさんより届いていました。当ブログの掲載依頼ですので転載します。すでにDX-World.netなどにて詳細が掲載済です。

I would like to forward the following info in DX bulletins etc:
PY0R/PY7RP & PU0R/PU0FDN will be on the air from Atol das Rocas - IOTA
SA-038 between 15 to 21 November. This is a rare IOTA DXpedition and also
valid as PY0F DXCC for ARRL awards. The last operation was in 1992 and now
it places the 3rd position in the most wanted IOTA groups in SA. The actual
dates are estimative only since the operation depends on sea conditions.
Operations will be *NOT* full time due to other activities during our stay.
As the demand is pretty high, our effort will be to provide the 1st QSO to
as many stations as we can. To achieve that, we will focus on 40m, 20m, 15m
and only the 1st QSO with each station will be confirmed by QSL card. will manage the OQRS as soon as the DXpedition finishes and the
"Leadership score board" feature will be not available for the same reason
Due to eletrical power limitations we will run low power (100w) from an
IC7000 and monoband verticals over the salt-water. Due to high costs
involved, donations are much appreciated.
QSL via Direct or OQRS/Clublog (No Bureau cards).
Check for more informations and releases at:
*Renner, PY7RP*
PY7RP Rennerさんとは2007年以来のお付き合いです。ここのところやりとりが希薄になっていましたが久しぶりのIOTAペディションです。過去には2004年から2014年くらいにかけてZY6T SA-023, PW6C SA-062, PY7RP/P SA-046等を毎年実施しています。
Web siteのペディションの目標(ゴール)の3番目があります。
3. Give special attention to JA/VK/ZL regions; 
- Priority will be given to these areas whenever propagation window happens;
<Operational Strategies>
- PT7WA, Luciano & PY7ZZ, Fred will be our pilots stations. If any good openning occours please contact them.

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« NA-067 AA3ID Cape Hattersd Islandの紹介 | トップページ | NA-110 W4YO Habor Islandの紹介 »