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2016年3月 1日 (火)

Russian Robinson Clubからのご報告 by UA9OBA

この朝にPresident of Russian Robinson ClubのUA9OBA Yuri会長から北極海航路の開発400周年プロジェクトによる2016年の活動報告がRRCのウエブサイトにて発表されました。
On February 29, from Novy Urengoy (Yamal), the Arctic expedition “The Great Northern Way” 2016 started. The historical and geographical forwarding project devoted to the 400th anniversary of the Northern Sea Route is carried out within the comprehensive research program “Riddles of the Russian Arctic”.
Participants of expedition by 2 all-terrain vehicles will pass a route about 10.000 km long on ice of the Siberian rivers, open spaces of the Arctic tundra, and drifting ices of the Arctic seas of Russia: the Ob River – the Yenisei River – Norilsk – Taimyr Peninsula – the settlement of Khatanga – the mouth of the Lena River – Tiksi – Chokurdah – Cherskiy – Pevek – Cape Schmidt – Welen – (Anadyr – Magadan). Change of a route depending on local conditions is possible. It is possible to watch the course of expedition here.
The head of expedition is the President of Expedition Center “Arctic” of the Russian Geographical Society, the Honoured Master of Sports, the honourable polar explorer of Russia, Vladimir Chukov (R3CA).
Callsigns: R3CA/8 (Yamal), R3CA/9 (Taimyr) and R3CA/0 (Yakutia, Chukotka). The main frequency ranges – 7 and 14 MHz SSB (usually around frequency 14120 and 14260 kHz during work from islands +- QRM). Using ICOM IC-7000 transceiver with AH-2b antenna. On parking vehicles wire Inverted-V antennas will be deployed.
Short activation (about one day each) several Arctic islands along the coast of Taimyr, Yakutia and Chukotka is planned:
AS-005 (Dikson Island), AS-152 (Bol’shoy Begichev Island), AS-163 (Makar Island), AS-029 (Bol’shoy Lyakhovsky Island), AS-164 (Nemkov Island), AS-070 (Gusmp Island), AS-038 (Ayon Island), AS-065 (Kolyuchin Island) and others depending on ice situation. The radio operator on a route is Valery Nesterov RA9J. In Tiksi, Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA plans to join the expedition.
QSL cards of R3CA/8/9/0 direct via UA9OBA after the expedition will be dispatched. Also QSL’s of 1995-2011 for R3CA/1/9/0, CE8/9/R3CA, KC4/R3CA/ANT are available.
Keep an eye here for further updates.
73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA,
President of Russian Robinson Club 
ちょうどタイミング良く、R0-IOTA wanted list 2016を48局のご協力により作成したことになりました。ちなみに上記実施予定の8IOTAはAS-005(10/48)、AS-029(23/48)、AS-038(11/48)、AS-065(36/48)、AS-070(44/48)、AS-152(33/48)、AS-163(38/48)、AS-164(34/48)の状況です。(未交信局/データ協力局)

« EU-167 CT4NH/P Plan 2 | トップページ | OC-243 Breaksea island VK5MAV/6 & VK5CE/6 last day »




« EU-167 CT4NH/P Plan 2 | トップページ | OC-243 Breaksea island VK5MAV/6 & VK5CE/6 last day »