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« 6月1日からのIOTAルール変更について by IOTA CP JA | トップページ | R3CA/0 を追いかける(23th Apr 2016) »

2016年4月22日 (金)

6月1日からのIOTAルール変更について by RSGB IOTA Committee

IOTA CP JAのJA9IFF中嶋さんのブログより発信されたことに続き、本家のG3KMAからもRSGB IOTA webのIOTA Newsとして発信されました。


The new Directory introduces some fairly significant rule changes, made in the interests of simplification, which will take effect from 1 June 2016. a). The discontinuation of the issue of paper certificates. Given ever-increasing postal charges and technological advances IOTA Management has decided that now in the 21st century all certificates should be sent electronically. Exceptionally, if this causes real problems, you can ask for certificates to be sent by post but this will attract an extra charge (Rule C.5.12 and Annex B). b). The discontinuation of giving credit for VHF / UHF contacts in the Standard Category of Application. Previously this was allowed but it made for awkward complications in the crediting of contacts in the two categories of application affected (Standard and VHF / UHF), and since the incidence of credits gained this way was so small, it was felt that this change would have very little effect on applicants (Rule C.3.5). c). Charges have been increased and the charging regime has been simplified in the interests of clarification. The basic starter 100 Islands certificate will in future be charged separately from the registration charge (Annex B). d). The threshold figure defining a “rare" IOTA group has been raised to cover those groups which 20% or fewer participants (previously 15%) have credited to their scores. Recent activity from a number of rare IOTAs has reduced the number of groups in this category (Rule F.3.1). When the system of Paperless QSLing is fully launched, there will be further changes to the procedures.

G3KMA, 22 Apr 2016

新しいIOTA Directory 17版に盛り込まれます。和訳しようと思いましたがやめておきます。4か月間、IOTA Newsがストップしていましたが、一つでてきた途端に連発ですね。しかも1か月余りのちには大きな変更が実施されるという慌てようです。

中嶋さんより、新しいIOTA Directoryが届き次第、IOTA CP JA websiteより入手できる日本語版IOTA Directory ルールを訂正し掲載されるそうです。5月連休明けになるでしょう。

« 6月1日からのIOTAルール変更について by IOTA CP JA | トップページ | R3CA/0 を追いかける(23th Apr 2016) »






« 6月1日からのIOTAルール変更について by IOTA CP JA | トップページ | R3CA/0 を追いかける(23th Apr 2016) »