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2016年4月26日 (火)

AS-202 A91HI Hawar Island

DX-World.netを主宰するMM0NDX Colさんが表題のAS-202 A91HI参加における2日前のメッセージを投稿しました。Hawar Islandでのネット状況とログアップやアンテナの設置など参考となるメッセージでしたので、転載しました。
[IOTA-chasers] A91HI - Hawar Island AS-202NEW
Hi chasers
Time is flying and in approx. 48 hrs the first signals from A91HI should be heard. Similar to S79C the plan is to start up with 5 stations simultaneously. It might be due to propagation and with certain bands closed, we'll use two modes on the same band. We'll see.
Most of Wednesday morning & afternoon will be spent assembling antennas and setting up stations. Our QTH is not the Hawar hotel as some may think, but at the very north tip of the island with clear take off to all areas. We're about 10m from the water and will use a combination of VDAs and Hexbeams,again similar to S79C.
Logs should be uploaded once daily (approx. 17:00 local), and we're lucky to have a mobile broadband provider supply us with routers that we think an idea to try live webcast from time to time from the island. Note: We will not spend endless hours trying to get a feed working when we'd rather operate, but I think it will be possible' something unique from a first time IOTA activation.
I'll pick up emails from this reflector so feel free to drop any feedback.
We can act accordingly upon receiving such feedback.
73 and hope to see you all in the log
(For A91HI team)
長い英文の内容を概略でも訳しておさえることはIOTA-chasingにとってたいへん大切なことと思います。私はGoogleを起動してGoogle翻訳(Google Translate)をよく使います。

« R3CA/0を追いかける (25th Apr 2016) | トップページ | AS-092 RT92KA 4月27日0100UTCまで延長! »




« R3CA/0を追いかける (25th Apr 2016) | トップページ | AS-092 RT92KA 4月27日0100UTCまで延長! »