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2016年7月18日 (月)

VE3LYCからのIOTA新システムの報告(2016 Jul 18)

IOTA-chasers ForumにIOTA LtdのVE3LYC Cezarが新システムの状況に関してレポートしていますので転載します。IOTA Newsに掲載すれば良いのですが、いろいろ事情があるのでしょう。

Many IOTA chasers have requested over the last little while that various operations be added for Club Log QSO matching. Roger (G3KMA) has referred to this and other issues in the recent announcements posted on the IOTA website. Nevertheless, we have replied to every single request directly. However, since the requests continue, please allow me to summarize a few things below, in hope that you can pass them along to your friends who are either IOTA activators and/or chasers, in case they are not members of this Forum, for a very wide distribution.
(1) The formal launch of the paperless QSLing via Club Log QSO matching has been scheduled from the very beginning for early 2017, when we expect to have ready the new software for the administration of the IOTA program. Software development is on going under the supervision of the IOTA IT Team, and everything is progressing well. IOTA Ltd. has secured a loan from the RSGB in amount of GBP 25,000, in addition to an exceptional grant from them for which we are extremely grateful. We are currently working to raise funds from the community through the Friends of IOTA to repay the loan at the earliest convenience. The Management will update regularly on the IOTA website the list of donors and Friends of IOTA who have entrusted us with their support for planned activities.
(2) At the beginning of July we carried out a real time test of the Club Log QSO matching. We wanted to go under the radar, reason for which we asked only a few testers for their assistance. However, our actions were discovered immediately by various chasers and posted, and since then we received hundreds of requests. On the one hand, chasers wish to upload 100k+ QSO logs and then wait for the software to return IOTA credits through the QSO matching for contacts made in some cases over the last 40+ years. On the other hand, activators (IOTA operators) wish to ensure that their logs, uploaded over Club Log, are available for QSO matching. We are convinced that we will satisfy both of these groups over time, but right now we are far from that.
(3) If you log into your IOTA account, go to My Credits, then click on Club Log QSO Matches, you can scroll down a bit and click on the link which will show you all currently operations available for Club Log QSO matching. You will see that operations from islands which fit the criterion ONE DXCC = ONE IOTA ONLY are available, plus a few tens of other operations. We are currently working to add recent operations (from 1 Jan 2016) from rare and semi-rare IOTA groups for which logs are available at Club Log. Next, we will be working to identify older operations from rare and semi-rare IOTA groups which can be added. Finally, we will work on ensuring availability to add any requested operation. Each of these streams of data will be available gradually, and we will announce publicly when older operations will start to be added, and also when we will be open to take requests from other operations. Please kindly refrain from requesting any of these at the present time.
(4) Note that at the present time we can only add operations for which the names of the uploaded logs at Club Log match the IOTA callsign used during that operation. For example, the operation by AA1AA/P from an island in the IOTA group XX-yyy can be added ONLY IF the name of its log is AA1AA/P. Unfortunately, if the name of the log is AA1AA/P_XX-yyy, or AA1AA_P-XXyyy, or any other name, the operation cannot be added for QSO matching at this time. The IOTA program doesn't have any access to Club Log data. All QSO matching is carried out inside the Club Log to ensure complete integrity of the process. It is presently impossible to use usual log names such as those mentioned above. Moreover, we will have to consider a standardization of the log name, otherwise it will be impossible to find out these names automatically. If you plan to carry out an IOTA operation from a rare or semi-rare IOTA groups in the future, please consider naming your log, to be uploaded at Club Log, identical to the callsign you will use. If you plan to use AA1AA/P from various islands (and perhaps various IOTA groups), we will need to know the dates and times of your first and last QSOs from each operation.
(5) Please address any inquiries to We are monitoring that address and will reply to you timely.
Thank you and good luck in chasing that new IOTA,
Cezar, VE3LYC
Club Log Matchesにおいて、Club Lob登録時にコールサインの次に島名やIOTA番号を付した分はどうも利用できないように書いてあります。システムの改善変更は厳しいようにうけます。Club Logの登録名を工夫する必要があるようです。早く研究して欲しいですね。

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« オセアニアのIOTA contestエントリがとても少ないです | トップページ | KL7のコンディション »