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2016年8月11日 (木)

OC-206 VI6DH400 Dirk Hartog Island plan update

この朝にVK6NX本人からIOTA-chasers ForumにUpdate記事が掲載されていました。そのまま転記します。

Hi All
OC-206 / VI6DH400 is still on track. Final "Go/Not Go" decision will be
made on 11th of Aug and dependent on local park rangers "OK", triggers
are weather conditions only.
Route plan to OC-206 is published on,
please see maps and timelines there if interested. Route back from
OC-206 will be published a bit later, as we are still checking if there
will be an option to stop at OC-183 on a way back. Couple friends of
mine will be there with boat fishing and we are looking if weather will
allow us short drop off on Boullanger during day-time (which will not
require DPAW permission).
GPS Location Tracking (Google map based, including car movements,
"check-in", "ok" and custom "on air" messages) will be available since
we move from home QTH on Aug 13th. You will be able to see where our car
is (equals QTH GRID, when we are at island). The information about
tracking is on
To help you to locate us on bands, the Custom message is setup on our
GPS tracking device. Custom message n format "VI6DH400 is on air" will
be send every time when I am sending initial CQ. Custom message can be
received by email and to mobile via SMS. Please let me know if you are
interested to get those (please send me either your email or mobile
number and I will add them to the list).
If you are interested to join our security network and also receive our
"Check In", "OK" and "Start movement" messages - please let me know -
those are also delivered via email or SMS.
QSL policy (short version).
I am targeting to engage most of you, guys, to use electronic version of
IOTA accreditation. The logs of this DXpedition will be loaded to
ClubLog every day (yes, there are some spots with Internet access on
island). After operation finished, I will allow 3-4 weeks for logs
verification and corrections, and then will ask IOTA validation group to
make logs available for electronic accreditation. No charges or
donations will be required. BTW, m previous OC-164 and OC-183 logs
should be already available for auto-accredication via IOTA/ClubLog.
Paper QSL cards still will be printed after we back home. I have both
sides design ready, it is just waiting nice photo for front side, which
will be taken on island. However, since OC-206 operation, I am trying to
make my QSL cards more "collection" or "souvenir" like type. Hence - if
you need only accreditation, then please use electronic IOTA, this will
spare your money and my time. If you still prefer to use "old way" or
you are QSL card collector - feel free to request direct QSL card; I am
expecting to keep current direct fee at the current level and until
AusPost will bump up their price.
Next update will be on 11th of Aug, after we confirm "Go" with rangers.
初めてPaper QSLも作るがClub Log Matchesに関して記載しています。この新しいシステムの生みの苦しみのところですが、どくらいQSLカードを準備すればよいか悩むところです。
Paper QSLの場合は手元におけるという安心感がありますが、IOTA申請時にCPへ郵送し、さらに回収しなければならず、合わせてCPの手間もかけることになります。数年中にほとんどClub Log Matchesへ移行しそうですね。ならば最初から積極的にClub Log申請に努めた方がお互い幸せだと思います。
なお、IOTA-chasers Forumは参加登録をすれば、自動的にメール転送されスピーディに情報が得られます。しかし、不要な個人的なメッセージも届きます。また、登録をしなくても覗き見も可能でのでURLを押さえておくことをお勧めします。
2016年8月11日19:51JSTにてIOTA-chaser Forumに掲載がありました。転載します。
  VI6DH400 OC-206 (14-18 Aug 2016) final update.
Yes, we have "GO" from rangers of Dirk Hartog and Steep Point. This
really is good news.
Not really good news is that we have to go a day later, than we've
planned. Instead of leaving home QTH on 13th of August we are now
leaving at midnight AWST of August 14th (which is 1600 UTC August 13th).
This is all because of tracks at Steep Point are completely closed due
to heavy vehicles working on tracks upgrade.
We have to arrive at Locked gate at precisely 1600 AWST (0800 UTC) of
August 14th (or - better - earlier) and we will be guided by rangers to
barge bearding QTH. We should be at barge QTH at 1700 AWST (0900 UTC)
and, then, on shore of Dirk Hartod Island at 1800 AWST (1000 UTC). We
are targeting to arrive to shack QTH (Ocean Villa) at 1900 AWST (1100
UTC) August 14th and I am expecting first QSOs somewhere between
2100-2200 AWST (1300-1400 UTC).
Please make sure that you are calculating all dates/times correctly (as
per above) to your home QTH.
For those, who are subscribed to our Safety Network and Custom messages:
I am planning to test SPOT3 at some point during the day on 13th of
August at approx 0800-0900 UTC, to make sure that this all works as
expected. You will receive "Check-In" (Safety) message and "Test
VI6DH400 message" (Custom) to your emails and mobiles. Please keep an
eye on your emails/mobiles at this time and let me know if you did not
receive anything prior we leave our home QTH. Detailed instruction
regarding message format and explanation how tracking work is here:
For those who are not subscribed to Custom/Safety messages - you still
will be able to track us over the web here:
(access password: VK6NX ).
Trip maps/schedule and band plans/schedule are published here:
GL All and we will meet you on air!

« IOTA-YB 第3次ブームが来るか、分析してみます | トップページ | UA4WHX 北極海ツアーQSL到着続報 »





« IOTA-YB 第3次ブームが来るか、分析してみます | トップページ | UA4WHX 北極海ツアーQSL到着続報 »