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2016年9月 2日 (金)

R3CA/9, R3CA/0 のQSLingについて

表題の件、Russian Robbinson Clubのウエブに下記の文書がありました。原文は6月2日になっていますが、Read moreをクリックすると9月2日になってしまいます。おそらく本日の日付にリプレイスしてしまうのでしょう。

[02.09.2016] R3CA / 8/9/0 - zkspeditsiya "Great North Road" 2016

R 3 CA / 8/9/0 - zkspeditsiya "Great North Road" 2016 ended!

A few days ago in Moscow, participants returned to the Chukotka Arctic expedition "Great North Road" in 2016 under the leadership of Vladimir Chukova.

Historical and geographical expedition project was dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Northern Sea Route and implemented in an integrated research program "Mysteries of the Russian Arctic." Starting March 5th from Novy Urengoy for more than two months for 2 ATV has been passed about 7000 km route along the shores of the Arctic Ocean to Pevek. The work was carried out air forwarding stations: R3CA / 8 - c Yamal, R3CA / 9 - from Taimyr, R3CA / 0 - from Yakutia and Chukotka, including Islander on the IOTA program. In the course of the promotion have been activated eight island groups: AS-005 (. About Dixon), the AS-068 (. About Begichevskiy Kos), the AS-104 (for Kolchak.), The AS-152 (about Dyangylah about Salkay..) AS-163 (about. Yarok about. Makar), AS-164 (about. Nemkov about. Kolesovskaya Otmel), AS-070 (about. Kamenka), AS-038 (about. Aion). Radio operators on the route - Valery Nesterov RA9J Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA A few thousand QSOs..

Currently being processed and the results of the expedition preparation for printing QSL-cards. QSLR3CA / ... will be sent direct via UA9OBA. It is available as QSL's 1995-2011gg. - R 3 CA / 1/9/0,CE 8/9 / the R 3 CA, KC 4/3 the R CA / ANT.

Thank you Valeria Savina RD0B (p.Dikson, RRC # 107), Vasily Smirnov UA0KAV (g.Pevek) for a meeting on the route, as well as Victor Slabodchikova UA3AKO (RRC # 949), to meet the expedition at Vnukovo airport. Thanks to all our helpers and sponsors for their help in the project.

During the expedition were admitted to the Russian Robinson Club - Valery Boris Nesterov RA9J (RRC # 1086) and Vasily Smirnov UA0KAV (RRC # 1087). Symbolically, that their membership numbers RRC match the region number in which they live. Congratulations on your entry in our club!

We express our gratitude to all radio amateurs, who established radio contact with the expedition, as well as those who could not be contacted, but followed us online EC "Arctic" - .Thank You, Friend!

73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA, RRC # 1

Currently beingのところにQSLに関しての説明があります。
現在、Club Logによりログサーチは使用できますが、実質的なQSLカード請求はvia UA9OBAダイレクトのみと言えるでしょう。OQRSは種類が多いために避けたようですね。UA9OBAへJA friends分のまとめ回収の相談をしましたが返事はありません。
①AS-057 RU0B 2001年4月28日1USDにて発送、2002年10月1日受領

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« NA-021 8P9JH & 8P9IP Barbados plan | トップページ | AS-070 R70ASIA Gusmp Island QSL card »