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2017年3月 1日 (水)

Island Radio Expedition Foundation (IREF)のご紹介

IOTA-chasers Forumに表題のタイトルでIREF存在の意義ならびにご支援依頼のメッセージがAD5Aより発信されました。
[IOTA-chasers] Island Radio Expedition Foundation (IREF)
The Island Radio Expedition Foundation, (IREF), was founded in 1999 for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance for expeditions to rare IOTA islands. The organization was formed by AD5A, N5UR, AB5EB and NI5DX after activating NA-209, H75A, for the first time. /We could find no sponsors for our trip. No independent, IOTA only, expedition funding organization existed before IREF nor does one exists today. Many clubs and organizations contribute to IOTA expeditions, but none contribute to IOTA expeditions exclusively. IREF has provided ~ $75,000 in funding since it's inception. IREF is a 501(c)(3), US based organization which means that contributions for US Citizens are tax deductible.
The organization is truly international in scope and a seven person Board decides on grants, I don't even get a vote:-). That Board consists of N5UR, NI5DX, W9DC, K9AJ, G3NUG, CT1EEB and JA9IFF. AB5EB is VP and WB2YQH is Secretary.
The purpose of this email is ask for your support. IREF hasn't had to solicit contributions in over a decade, thanks to some large contributions in the first few years, but the contribution landscape seems to be changing. IREF has recently had to reduce our grant amounts because of a shrinking treasury. With the advent of OQRS it is much easier for individuals to direct their dollars specifically to expeditions they work. So there is a question of whether or not financing organizations, like IREF, still have a role in the expedition funding realm. I think they do, but it is getting harder. So, why should you contribute to IREF when you can support expeditions through personal contributions?
Here are some reasons to give:
    1. IREF only contributes to rare expeditions, that is, confirmed by 15% or less of chasers, so you know your money will go toward rare ones.
    2. IREF has no expenses, all the money goes to expeditions
    3. When using OQRS, you only support expeditions you work, contributing to IREF who supports rare expeditions might provide enough support for expeditioners to go to that next one you need.
    4. For USA contributors, you contributions are tax deductible.
    5. For all contributors you have the satisfaction of helping pave the way for continued activations and the good of the IOTA community.
    6. Also, perhaps your club, in support of its members who are IOTA chasers, could make an annual contribution.
How to contribute:
    * Go to the IREF website, and click on the 'Join" tab, there you can contribute via PayPal.
    * Send a check, made out to IREF, to 709 Coveney Trail, Boerne, TX 78006
IREF is also in need of a Webmaster. We don't really possess the expertise to maintain a vibrant website and we are behind posting our sponsored expeditions. So if you are so inclined and have the expertise, please contact myself, AD5A, via email or AB5EB.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Mike Crownover
IREF, Inc.
IREFの支援を受けたペディショナーのQSLカードにはIREFのロゴをプリントされています。QSLカード作成の支援として数百ドルの提供をしてくれます。多くの支援が実施されています。詳細は  より確認ください。

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