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2017年7月12日 (水)


AF-111P 5L3BIのPress releaseがMM0NDX Colさんから送ってきましたのでそのまま転載いたします。すでにDX-World.netにも同じ文章が掲載済みです。

*July 11, 2017 - Press Release #2*
Whilst currently working in Germany, team member Dickson EL2DT, will be
taking time out to attend 'HAM RADIO' in Friedrichshafen this coming
weekend. In fact, he is giving a short presentation on the much awaited 1st
IOTA activation to Baiyah Island, AF-111NEW. To catch up with the latest
planning and preparations so far, be sure to visit the IOTA Forum this
Saturday morning (July 15th) between 10:00 and 11:45 hours in Halle A2 Raum
Since our first Press Release ( we have incurred
additional costs which have been fully met by the team. We feel these recce
trips are essential to identify the variables on this otherwise unknown
piece of rock! To get there, we have decided to hire a 4x4 and to drive the
400 kilometer dirt track to where we will meet the boat that will take us
to the island. 
A further recce trip will be made by both Richmond EL2BG and Dickson EL2DT
likely at the end of August - this time to land on the island and to find
suitable position(s) to set up our stations and antennas. It's very
important to maintain our relationship with the local elders and villagers
who are giving us the necessary access to land on Baiyah.
Jeremy EI5GM, Dave EI9FBB and Col MM0NDX have now booked their flights to
Monrovia. All going well and following our intended itinerary, we hope to
be QRV from October 31st (slightly earlier than initially announced). We
aim to have 3 stations active simultaneously from the island - no mean feat
considering the island is not very inviting and landing areas are few. Our
operation will be short (3 days) but very intense! Please respect our
wishes as we will try to give out this new IOTA reference to as many
uniques as possible.
The ever efficient Charles M0OXO will be our QSL manager. Expect the usual
high standard from him.
A further news update will be issued once the final recce trip has been
completed. In the meantime, we sincerely thank those clubs, organisations
and individual donors who have donated to the 5L3BI project so far.
Please see for full listings and on how you
too can donate.
vy 73 de 5L3BI team.

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