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« AS-127 S21ZAS St Martin's Island まだ大丈夫 | トップページ | YB3MM アディさんからのお礼状 »

2017年10月25日 (水)

OC-216 VK9AR Ashmore Reef (25-Oct-2017)

さきほどVK5CE Craigさんより表題の運用の新しい情報を送ってくださいました。

Mike AB5EB, Mike AD5A and Craig VK5CEhave all paid for the boat in full to Ashmore Reef, this was the most expensivecomponent of the DXpedition. The boat has confirmed the dates and times of ourjourney. We depart Broome WA on the morning of Sunday November 5. We arrive atAshmore Reef around 0500 UTC or noon local time on Tuesday November 7. We hopeto be on air as soon as we can in the afternoon, please be aware there is noinfrastructure on the reef and we need to bring equipment via zodiac. The biggestissue is the weather with temperatures going to be over 35C and very humid. It’llbe slow going.
We need to depart Ashmore Reef by 0100UTC or 9am local on Saturday November 11. As we are only allowed to be on theisland during dawn in the morning to dusk in the late afternoon/early evening,it means our operating times are around 2100 to 1000 UTC. See the “PROPAGATION”page on our website at show you how to get in the log and where we will be. I spoke on the phonewith the Commonwealth Government on Monday and the dawn to dusk rules stillapply. If there are problems with tides or weather, then it may mean we areable to be on the island longer, but you can’t rely on that happening.
Prior to departing for OC-198 Ifreighted up some equipment to Broome that I didn’t need for VK5CE/8 such as aHonda Generator, Dunestar band pass filters, etc. These have all arrived now.After the OC-198 DXpedition, on the way back when I reached Alice Springs Ifreighted the second Honda Generator to Broome and its currently in transit.This means we can have a high power SSB station, high power CW station and 100WSSB/CW station on the air at the same time.
At the end of next week we all jump ona plane and meet up in Perth WA on Friday November 3 and we are on the same flightup to Broome later that day.
So not long now. On behalf of Mike Srand Mike Jr and myself, we look forward to giving you another rare IOTA…….hopefullya few days after you also work those crazy rockhoppers in Liberia!!!!
Cheers Craig

« AS-127 S21ZAS St Martin's Island まだ大丈夫 | トップページ | YB3MM アディさんからのお礼状 »





« AS-127 S21ZAS St Martin's Island まだ大丈夫 | トップページ | YB3MM アディさんからのお礼状 »