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2017年12月 2日 (土)

New IREF Website and Award Program

OC-216 VK9ARとOC-234 VK9AR/6に参加されたAD5AとAB5EBのMike親子はVK5CE Craigさんに刺激を受けられたのでしょう。IREFのウエブを大幅に作り替えたようです。その案内が昨晩にIOTA-chasers Forumに投稿されました。転載します。
[IOTA-chasers] New IREF Website and Award Program
For Immediate Release:
IREF is pleased to announce the following:
A new website has been developed to make it easier to navigate and get
information on IREF activities and also to support the organization. The
website will eventually be migrated to, but can be viewed
As most IOTA participants know, the mission of IREF is to encourage and
support IOTA focused expeditions. To this point we've only encouraged
expeditions through financial support and in pursuit of that objective IREF
has disbursed more than $80,000 to IOTA expeditioners since our founding in
1999. The IREF funding criteria has evolved over the years, but now focuses
on IOTA islands that are confirmed by less than 15% of chasers. IREF has
often been asked to sponsor expeditions to islands that aren't as rare,
however, because we don't have unlimited funds,  the budget can't take much
of that. On the recent VK9AR expedition the expedition team discussed
potential ways to motivate and encourage expeditioners to get out more and
activate the less rare islands that many new chasers still need. The IREF
Board has taken these suggestions under consideration and believe that the
time has come for IREF to find other, non-financial ways, to encourage IOTA
expeditions to less rare destinations as well as to continue our current
focus on financial support for rare IOTAs. IREF believes it is within the
mission of IREF to encourage island expeditioning and if we can't always do
it with money, we should use other means.
Therefore IREF is pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring a new
award, the IOTA Expeditioner of the Year award. For information and rules
please visit the new website at the link above.
IREF will be looking for sponsors for the awards and will give away as many
plaques as we can get sponsored. The sponsor will have their name or
organization on the plaque along with IREF Logo.
Please visit the IREF Facebook page to keep up with current activities.
過去にもものすごい数のIOTAペディションを支援されていることがわかります。2018年2月23-24日のIOTA Bashの紹介と参加依頼、VK9ARの3人のオペのサイン入りキャップとシャツのオークションなどの紹介、最後にIREF Facebook Pageの登録などを紹介しています。
Shu san,
Thank you very much for promoting IREF in JA. The contributions are
appreciated very much and IREF will use the money for expeditions to rare
IOTA islands.
Glad to get you in the log from Ashmore Reef.
Mike AD5A

« V6Jチーム、JARL京都支部大会でOC-226 Mokil Island報告 | トップページ | IREFの20周年記念誌作成について »





« V6Jチーム、JARL京都支部大会でOC-226 Mokil Island報告 | トップページ | IREFの20周年記念誌作成について »