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« IOTA Bash ライブ配信 | トップページ | Neville Cheadle, G3NUG SK, 14th January 2018 »

2018年3月23日 (金)

H44R & H40D 開始まで4週間

VE3LYC CezarによるOC-168 H44RとOC-179 H40D運用開始の4月22日まで1か月を割りました。2017年11月にプランが発表されましたときには5か月先と思いましたが早いものです。本日、下記のメッセージがIOTA-chasers Forumにて発信されました。
併せて、専用ウエブのNewsにも3月20日付けで発信されました。この文章に加筆されたこちらの文章を転載しました。Google Translateなどでぜひ和訳してご確認ください。
[IOTA-chasers] H44R & H40D
Hi guys,
As Andy (VK5MAV) is preparing for his trip to OC-265, I realize how fast the time flies. Four weeks from now I will be driving to Toronto to board the plane to Brisbane, and from there to Honiara. Despite the fact that it is still below freezing during night time, spring is here. Gees are back, and there are only small patches of snow in the shade, as the rest melted away. There is still ice on Lake Ontario, but not for long.
I have studied carefully the logistics and how to best incorporate contingencies in order to minimize the potential negative effects associated with various mishaps. This is how I finally decided to stick with my original idea to build in redundancy. I will take with me a spare rig, antenna, and various electronic components, as well as a generator, batteries, and solar panels. I will only have a small motor canoe, which must also carry all the fuel, water, and other supplies for the driver and I.
I hope for good local weather and sea conditions, so that I can stay on schedule. Also, I hope for decent propagation conditions with the most distant regions of Western Europe and Eastern North-America.
I have studied  the propagation forecast and I will follow a band/time schedule that will allow me to maximize the opportunity of logging AF, EU, NA, and SA stations, while offering those in AS and OC plenty of chances too. Please listen to my on-air instructions indicating which continent(s) I will be focusing on at the time. The majority of the IOTA chasers pay careful attention and generally follow the operator's indications. It is the best way to maximize your chances!
Kind regards,
Cezar, VE3LYC
私たちが気を付けることは「指定をきちんと守る」ということでしょう。ぜひぜひご一読ください。2018年に実施されるIOTA DXpeditionの3本の指にはいるほどの質の高い運用をご一緒に楽しみましょう。

« IOTA Bash ライブ配信 | トップページ | Neville Cheadle, G3NUG SK, 14th January 2018 »





« IOTA Bash ライブ配信 | トップページ | Neville Cheadle, G3NUG SK, 14th January 2018 »