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2018年4月27日 (金)

OC-168 & OC-158 H44Rの運用報告(27 Apr 2018)


27 April 2018 (10:30 UTC / 9:30 pm local)
I am sorry that I cannot provide now a full update, but I have very limited internet communication at the present time. In short:
- The amplifier died on Mbanika after the first 200 QSOs. We don't know why, there are several possibilities, but it was very unfortunate. The log from OC-168 has about 3400 QSOs. The second night, a few eastern EU stations decided to force me to change my operating plan through deliberate interference. I will have a discussion with each of them after my return home. However, I am contemplating never sending them a QSL card.
- I wanted to extend my stay on OC-168 an extra day, but the weather forecast scared the few boatmen who could have potentially take Bernhard and I privately to the end of Guadalcanal Island, from where we would get the bus to Honiara. As it turned out, the sea was very bad only the first of the two forecasted day, so it would have been OK. Perhaps locals used this as an excuse to avoid taking us back anyway.
- We returned very late to Honiara, well past the time of the last private boat to Tulaghi (OC-158). By miracle, one guy had a business in town and was returning with his own boat and boatman to a neighbouring island, and agreed to take us to Tulaghi first. We arrived in full darkness, which was pretty... interesting (landing, getting a place to stay, putting up the antenna, etc.).
- Operated for 1.5 day (two nights) from OC-158 and logged about 1250 QSO. Massive local noise level starting at night fall and lasting until morning, besides some Australian radar I think, all of which made copying stations on 20 m a big challenge. I assume that it must have been just as annoying for them as it was for me. I didn't check the SFI or K upon my return to Honiara, but 17 m didn't return nearly the same results for EU as from OC-168.
- Unfortunately, not many with EU, sorry. There was one NA station who deliberately created unnecessary interference, stubbornly not allowing me to look into EU when a few EU stations came in. I logged the respective station, but I will also consider whether such attitude can be rewarded by a QSL cad.
- I spoke on the phone with my contact for Duff, who will be flying to Lata tomorrow, and so we will meet on the airport here in Honiara in the early morning.
- I had a couple more minor equipment problems / failures. With time being of the essence, I had to keep going with the spares. I'll look into fixing things once I will return back home.
- Thank you all for the patience and the fun. I am really sorry that I couldn't log more stations during the respective periods of time.
H44MS Bernhardさんも同行した。
Log uploadはまだできない。OC-168は3400QSOs。
OC-158からは1250QSOs。島名はTulaghi Islandです。

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YB3MM Adhiさんが動き始めました。メールの一つでも送ってください。Facebookの方が良いと思います。名古屋の隣町同士の縁を深めて欲しいです。(笑い)
「OC-158 Tulaghi Island を調べる」の記事を作りました。ありがとうございます。




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