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2019年7月31日 (水)

Restructuring of AS-117/AS-206 (AS-117とAS-206の再編について)

IOTA management NewsにAS-117/AS-206の再編に関してのG3KMAの文章がでました。

Restructuring of AS-117/AS-206

Islands previously listed as qualifying for AS-117 that now fall within the co-ordinates box of the new group AS-206, Honshu’s Coastal Islands East, have now been transferred and are listed appropriately both in the application database scroll-down list and in the IOTA Directory online. Following several activations from AS-206 in the last few weeks with most already accepted for credit, the group number is now confirmed. Record-holders with credits for AS-117 that commence with prefixes JA0, 1, 2 and 7, will have their credits reviewed for transfer to AS-206. All chasers who logged into the IOTA system at least once during the last two years will be automatically informed by a credit re-allocation. This will alert them to the need to find a replacement card or QSO match for AS-117 with a prefix JA3, 4 or 9 to regain credit. Other record-holders for whom Management no longer retains an email address will have any necessary transfer made automatically. The intention is to transfer all credits to the correct IOTA group within a few weeks. As this is quite a big job, patience is requested.

G3KMA, 30 July 2019

JA0/7/1/2エリアのAS-117でクレジットを受けられている局へはAS-206のクレジットでレビューするなどの再編に関しての説明がしてあります。具体的にはIOTA CP JAホームページに掲載されると思います。


« IOTA早見表の紹介 | トップページ | RL3DZ (ex UA0KCL) SK »




« IOTA早見表の紹介 | トップページ | RL3DZ (ex UA0KCL) SK »