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2022年6月12日 (日)

NA-070 KL7RRC Kiska Island N3QQの返事


昨晩10時過ぎに返信メールがNA-070 KL7RRC Kiska Islandのリーダー格のN3QQ Yuriさんから届きました。この朝に和訳し、要点をまとめたりしていましたが、意が通じなくなる感覚を覚えました。また、メッセージ中にもJAの皆さんへお伝えくださいとありましたので、原文を転載します。

Hi Shu-san and Toshi-san,

Thank you for your letter and your huge support from Japan Hams for our
expeditions over the years!

We can make an effort on 6m CW (50.098+/-), but chances are relatively low
at the end of July, when our expedition may take place.

Also, any chance for the JA operator to join our team? It is 80 years
Anniversary and we discussed it yesterday in-depth during a Skype team
meeting to offer an invitation to Japanize Ham to join this trip.
It will be so much easier on SSB, with more contacts with JA stations.

Could you please spread the word?

Dates: The team meets in Adak on July 23rd (flight from Anchorage on July
23rd). Same-day or morning July 24th sailing to Kiska Island. Operation
till July 31st. Sailing back to Adak July 31st, arrival August 2nd and stay
overnight in Adak, flight to Anchorage August 3rd.
Several members arrive in Anchorage on July 22nd and stay overnight in
Costs: vessel charter is approximately $43,000 divided by 6 persons. The
number is estimated because of uncertainty about how much fuel we will use
and what fuel will cost in July.
Other expenses are a flight to Anchorage, one night in Adak, and the share
of food/fuel for generators costs.
We plan for at least 3 stations and 4th as a full backup. The boat will
stay in the harbor and sleeping/showering/cooking can be possibly done on
the boat.

Thank you!
Yuri Sushkin





私は2015年6月にKL7NWR AMCHITKA Islandとしてクレジットをいただきました。KL2HD Jeffさんが運用されたクラブ局です。Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refugeという州の機関で定期的に現地調査をやっているようです。その乗務員がHFやVHFをやっているか否かということです。

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« NA-070 KL7RRC Kiska Island on 6m | トップページ | OC-244 DU4DXT Catanduanes Island on 6m »